Lunchtime Menu

Lunchtime Menu


served with a Salad Garnish and Chips £4.60

Choose from the following fillings:

Egg Mayonnaise & Tomato - Cheddar Cheese - Tuna & Mayonnaise
Prawn & Mayonnaise - Bacon - Sausage - Ham

Add 50p for Egg & Bacon - Ham & Cheddar Cheese

Jacket Potatoes
served with a Side Salad £5.75

Choose from the following fillings:

Cheddar Cheese & Coleslaw - Cheddar Cheese & Beans
Bacon & Brie - Chilli Con Carne - Prawn & Mayonnaise
Tuna & Mayonnaise - Chilli Con Carne & Cheddar Cheese

Sausage, Egg, Bacon & Beans Special £6.15

Ploughman’s Lunches
served with Salad, Pickled Onion, Pickles, Coleslaw, Apple and a Hot Bagguette £6.15

Select from the following choices:

Cheddar Cheese - Prawn & Mayonnaise
Carved Ham - Brie & Cranberry Sauce

Add 50p for Carved Ham & Cheddar Cheese

Freshly Baked Bagguettes
Served with a Salad Garnish & Chips £5.95

Choose from the following fillings:

Cheese & Coleslaw - Bacon & Brie - Tuna & Mayonnaise
Prawn & Mayonnaise - Ham & Tomato
Brie & Cranberry - Jumbo Sausage & Onion - “B L T”

Main Courses

Chilli Con Carne served with Rice £5.25
Carved Ham & Fried Egg served with Chips £5.75
Jumbo Sausage Combo served with Chips £5.95
Chicken Goujons served with Chips & Salad £5.95
Lasagne Verdi served with Baguette & Salad £6.25
Home Battered Cod served with Chips & Peas £6.10
Scampi served with Chips & Peas £6.25
Full English Breakfast £6.25

Light Bites
Try one of our tasty snacks

Portion of Chips £2.10
Cheesy Chips £2.75
Chilli Chips £3.10
Cheesy Chilli Chips £3.75
‘Scottish Square Sausage in a Bap £2.50

Special of the Day
Take a look at our ‘Specials Board’ for todays selection of Meat and Vegetarian Meals available, priced from £5.25

Homemade Pie of the Day
served with mash and onion gravy, see our ’Specials Board’ when available £5.75

Hot Beverages

Prince of Wales Tea per person £1.75
Coffee by the Cup £2.00
Coffee by the Mug £2.30
Large Espresso Coffee £2.30
Latte or Cappuccino £2.45
Hot Chocolate £2.45

As far as we are able to establish, no GM products have been used in the preparation of the above items