The Prince of Wales

Draught Lagers

Oranjeboom 4.1 % Abv

"The best draught lager in the world" according to judges at the 2002 Brewing Industry International Awards. A light interpretation of the Continental pilsner style, Oranjeboom has the full body and flavour you would expect of a lager with a heavier alcoholic content. Brewed by Shepherd Neame under licence from Brouwerij de Oranjeboom, Breda in Holland, this Gold Medal-winning 4.1% abv draught lager is perfectly placed to grow sales in the most dynamic sector of the UK lager market.

The 'quirkily Continental' beer takes its name from the orange tree which symbolises the Dutch royal family tree.

Tasting notes:
An elegant, full bodied lager, which balances a slight toffee maltiness, with an apple-like fruitiness and a lingering hoppy finish.
Tasting notes by Peter Ogie, Famous Beer Writer

Holsten Export 4.7 % Abv

A traditional German lager brewed under licence in Faversham in accordance with Bavaria's strict Reinheitsgebot purity law, which is the world's first food and drink legislation! Announced by Duke Wilhelm IV in 1516, it ruled that only three ingredients should be used to brew beer - malted barley, water and hops. Holsten Export is a distinctive, easy-drinking premium brew, particularly appealing to 25-40-year-old lager drinkers. The Holsten name, which formerly appeared on Tottenham Hotspur's shirts, now graces the strip of a professional team closer to Shepherd Neame's Faversham home - Kent County Cricket Club

Tasting notes:
A classic, continental lager, which combines a full bodied malty sweetness, with flowery hop overtones and finishes with a spicy aftertaste.
Tasting notes by Peter Ogie, Famous Beer Writer

Asahi 5.0 % Abv

Asahi, pronounced 'A-Sa-Hee', means 'Rising Sun' and is Japan's number one beer. Developed in 1987, it was Japan's first karakuchi (dry) beer - the result of extensive sociological research to produce a beer that was easy-to-drink, went well with food, and had a dry bite.

It is brewed using the best quality ingredients and is described as 'super crisp, super clear and super dry'.